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Nederlandse Jenaplan Vereniging 

Fie Carelsenstraat 5
7207 GN Zutphen

T 0623777883


Some guidelines for visitors

Because of the complexity of the Jenaplan-school, it is advised to visit a school at least a whole day or even more. Also make plans to talk to the classroom teacher, to ask questions and exchange observations and impressions. If possible, ask the teachers you visit what they would like you to have a look at or which specific features you can pay attention to. Maybe (together with the teacher) you can make a plan for a session in which the children may ask you questions about your background. If you write a report about your visit, please send one copy to the school(s) you visited and one to the Nederlandse Jenaplanvereniging (address above):

Jenaplan Association of
the Netherlands (NJPV)
This website is made by the Jenaplan Association of the Netherlands (NJPV),
a group of more than 220 Jenaplan-
schools, that can all be characterised as nongraded and are working with multi-age groups.

If you have questions, you can react by e-mail:administratie@njpv.nl

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