Jenaplanschools in the Netherlands 

The Jenaplan school-concept
In the Netherlands there are about 176 schools which are called Jenaplanschools. The very most of them are primary schools (for children of 4-12) and only a few of them are comprehensive secondary schools (for young people of 12-15). The Jenaplan school-concept was developed by prof. Peter Petersen (1884-1952) at the demonstration school (for pre-service teacher education) of the University of Jena, Germany. In the Netherlands the first Jenaplan school started in 1960. The Dutch Jenaplan-concept was also influenced by the non-graded schools in the U.S.A. (Goodlad/Anderson), the British Infant Schools and Freinet-education.

Educational philosophy
No Jenaplanschool looks alike, they are all different, because of their local situation and specific history. Nevertheless they share a common educational philosophy and a common framework which gives form to that philosophy:
  • In school organization.
  • In the curriculum.
  • In basic activities and time management.
  • In the management of space with local varieties.


The basic principles

At this Internetsite you will find a brief description of these Jenaplanforms and their functions. The basic principles of Jenaplan schools and some organizations for sustaining the development of these schools will also be described. At the end some guidelines for visitors are given.