The Jenaplan Foundation
The oldest Jenaplan organization in the Netherlands is the Jenaplan Foundation, which developed from the Dutch section of the New Educational Fellowship. Initiator of this foundation and the most prominent Jenaplan pioneer in this country was Susan Freudenthal-Lutter (1908-1986). This Jenaplan Foundation still exists and is responsible for the development of the Jenaplan concept.

The Dutch Jenaplan Association
The most important organization is the Dutch Jenaplan Association (NJPV) which is an organization of the schools themselves. The NJPV has as its main goal the defending of the interests of the schools for the sake of inner-school development. For this aim the association takes part in independent political actions to the government and the parliament, to regional and local authorities, etc. The NJPV also organizes the member-schools in regions and stimulates in-service education interchange among schools, development of curriculum and links with schools abroad. A Seminar for Jenaplan Pedagogics serves the Jenaplan schools with in-service activities.

On a national scale the Jenaplan schools are supported by a national coordinator for the development of Jenaplan schools, employed by the national pedagogical centres. This coordinator is first responsible for the currriculum development with and for the schools and give also support to regional and local pedagogical centres and colleges of education in as much these support the Jenaplan schools. Educational Action Research forms a growing part of curriculum development and the pre- and in-service education of teachers

The national coordinator also has the responsibility for the publication of many booklets and working-papers. The Dutch Jenaplan-movement also publishes a common magazine - Mensen-kinderen (Children of Man).

Jenaplan specialization
On a local and regional scale support and guidance are given by local and regional pedagogical centres and by colleges of education. Four of these colleges provide a Jenaplan specialization during pre-service education.

Due to the Dutch educational system Jenaplan-schools are to be found in both the public and private sector of the schools and there are (in terms of religion/view of life) general,  Roman Catholic and Protestant schools among them.