School livingroom

The classroom
Learning to live, to share, to work together, also implies responsibility for the arrangement of the furniture and displays in the classroom, maintenance of the classroom and for the rules of behaviour in the classroom. This responsibility is shared by the children and the teacher. The classroom becomes more and more a school-livingroom of that particular group of children.

The circle...
The use of furniture in the school livingroom can be very flexible. In the Circle for mere discussion the chairs are put in a circle, whereas the tables are set aside. During biology observation- circles however, the students usually need their tables. The circle will then have the shape of a horseshoe, leaving plenty of room for everyone to go the blackboard and demonstrate ones opinion to the group. During the period of independent seatwork the children may want to sit alone of just with one partner.



More and more the schools are using learning centres (corners) for playing and working, some with a fixed content and place (home area,building, construction area, painting area, etc.), some with the topics currently under study.