The curriculum

World orientation
The center of the curriculum in Jenaplan schools is world orientation. World orientation comprises science, social science and environmental studies, including the application of language skills, mathematics and skills of art.

World orientation is sustained by courses in language skills, reading, mathematics, map and globe skills, history (restricted by time available, encompassing methodology of history and building-up images of historical periods and their chronological sequence), skills of art and skills of inquiry.

So the basic division within the curriculum is between world orientation and courses. Schools are on the way to develop functional relationships between these two streams of activities. Jenaplan is a way to an integrated curriculum. The content of world orientation at this moment is in a process of redefining.

Framework of eight fields of experience
A framework of eight fields of experience has been designed and is now developing:

  • All the year round
  • Our environment
  • Making and using
  • Technology
  • Communication (semiotics)
  • Living together
  • My body
  • My own life


Curriculum-development also takes place in language and mathematics, e.g. a framework and materials for learning to read.